Rocky Mountain District Policy for KC Graduates

Mission Statement

To provide a proactive method for retaining graduating Key Club and Circle K members in the Kiwanis Family utilizing the Kiwanis International family of clubs as a network for those graduate’s benefit.


The KC Graduate Program

The Rocky Mountain District has developed a program for retaining Key Club and CKI graduates in the Kiwanis Family after graduation. The program name is the KC Graduate Program and may also be referred to as KCG. The K refers to Key Club Graduates and the C to Circle K Graduates.


The goals of the program are:

  1. To invite Key Club and CKI graduates to remain within the Kiwanis family,
  2. To provide a mechanism for retaining, tracking, and interacting with Key Club and CKI graduates,
  3. To provide a functional data base for developing current and future programs to keep these KCG members in the Kiwanis family, and to create a proactive method for Clubs and the District to reach out and associate with other Kiwanis individuals and organizations anywhere these KCG graduates reside in the world.


The principal elements of the KCG program are:

  1. The program is a District program.>Clubs whose graduating Key Club or CKI students join KCG may elect to be the Home Club for those graduates, or if the Club elects not to participate then the District will act in that capacity.
  2. KCG members are a special class of honorary members of the participating Home Club or are District KCG members.The District’s recognition of a KCG membership will cease at age 40 or upon the KCG member becoming a traditional member of a Kiwanis Club.
  3. Key Club and CKI graduates may become honorary members of their Home Club or become District members by invitation. Invitation may be issued by Kiwanis Key Cub Advisors or other Club Members designated by the participating Club President, or by District Invitation from the District KC Graduate Administrator or designate.
  4. KCG membership is transferable from the Home Club to other Kiwanis Clubs on request from a KCG member and the receiving club. If the receiving Kiwanis Club is outside the District, the Club may choose to implement this program in any manner it believes to be in the best interest of the Club, KCG members and Kiwanis.
  5. The District believes that a service requirement is important to assure KCG members are dedicated to community service. The service requirement is a minimum of two community service projects a year. These projects may be with any community service or Kiwanis organization.
  6. The District believes that a meeting attendance requirement is important to assure KCG members remain in tune with Kiwanis Objects. The attendance requirement is to attend a minimum of two Kiwanis organization meetings a year. These could be meetings of the Home Club, CKI meetings, or meetings of any other Kiwanis organization.
  7. The District believes that the program is for the benefit of KC Graduates and therefore no International, District or Club dues are payable by the District, Clubs or KC graduates.
  8. The District’s KC Graduate Administrator will administrate the program including the development of points of contact and appropriate materials.
  9. The program may be amended from time to time on administrative matters by the KC Graduate Administrator and in substance by the Rocky Mountain Kiwanis Board.


Sample Club Policy

The Kiwanis Club of                                                                             hereby adopts the District KC Graduate Program and creates a new special membership category under Honorary Members to be named KC Graduate Members.