●  Two service projects per year – can be with any service organization.
●  Two visits with any Kiwanis organization per year.
●  Fill out Proof of Participation and Renewal Form each year.
●  There is no cost to you.


The Program is established to help the KCG member in continuing their association with the Kiwanis Family of Clubs beyond High School or College graduation. This association allows the KCG member to utilize the Kiwanis Family network to assist them in everyday situations while away from their familiar surroundings.

Your contact information is not shared outside the Kiwanis Family.

When you arrive at your new location, whether it is a college, workplace, or new city, your email address may change. Many colleges require you to use their email server and will provide you with a new email address. It is important you notify the KC Graduate Administrator of the new email address. Notify the Host Kiwanis Club, if your association is with a local Kiwanis Club.

Notify the KCG Administrator if you change your cell phone number from the one on your original Registration Form. Occasionally, text messages may be sent.

Renewal Forms or other communications will be sent to the email address the KCG Administrator has on file for you. Therefore it is your responsibility to notify the KCG Administrator of the email address and phone number you wish to receive communications.

Other Clubs and Organizations:

If you are attending a college that has a Kiwanis Circle K Club, you may wish to associate with that Club and become a member of CKI. We encourage this as it provides the interaction with the youth of your college.

A presence of a CKI Club can usually be found on the college website under youth services, community interaction, or other web pages. The KC Graduate Administrator may have provided you the contact information, or you may contact your college student center representative. The KCG Administrator will make every effort to obtain the CKI contact information from local Kiwanis contacts.

We encourage you to belong to the Key Club and/or CKI Alumni Associations.

Many colleges have community service clubs or service organizations on campus which you may wish to look into.